Pressure Balance Valve Rough-In with Integrated Diverter

The Aspirations Flash® 2-Way or 3-Way Integrated Shower Diverter Rough-In Valve is an innovative design developed by American Standard to make installation easier and showering more enjoyable. Featuring a flat back for flush mounting on the cross brace, and a compact body to accommodate tight spaces, this Flash Integrated Diverter Rough-In Valve delivers unmatched convenience and versatility by providing 2 or 3-way discrete functionality with the option for simultaneous functionality with shared diverter, sold separately.

No Finish (007) RU520
List Price:
  • VERSATILE INSTALLATON: Compact body and flat back for easy and solid installation
  • 2-WAY OR 3-WAY DISCRETE FUNCTIONALITY: Provides the ability to alternate water flow between 2 or 3 separate outlets with cartridge M970787-0070, included with Aspirations trim
  • OPTIONAL SHARED CAPABILITY: Provides the ability to share water flow simultaneously from up to 3 outlets with the addition of shared cartridge, M970789-0070, sold separately
  • NO SOLDERING REQUIRED: Solid brass inlet connections for fast installation without adaptors, reducing leak points
  • EXCLUSIVE PLASTER GUARD: Protects valve and acts as a guide during installation; can serve as mounting support for thin-wall installations
  • SELF-ALIGNING SCREW HOLES: Screw holes are easy to find; simplifies reattaching plaster guard to valve body
  • EASY SERVICING: Screwdriver stops for servicing at the valve
  • COMPATIBLE TRIMS: Designed for use with Aspirations trim, sold separately
Brand American Standard
Category Rough-ins Concealed Bodies
Color / Finish No Finish (007)
Collections Universal
Fitting Connection Size Input 1/2
Fitting Material Brass,Metal/Plastic
Fixture or Fitting Material Brass<multisep/>Metal/Plastic
Input Connection Type NPT (National Pipe Tapered Threads)
Number of Input Valves 2
Number of Output Valves 3
Output Connection Type NPT (National Pipe Tapered Threads)
Height 177
Length 95
Width 123
Residential or Commercial Residential
Subcategory Pressure Balance Valve Rough in
Temperature Control Yes
Valve Input Diameter 14
Valve Output Diameter 14