American Standard has a rich heritage in the healthcare segment, pioneering innovative plumbing products that have contributed significantly to the sanitation and hygiene standards in healthcare facilities. With a history dating back over a century, our products have been instrumental in ensuring safe and efficient water management in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare settings. American Standard's commitment to quality and innovation has made them a trusted partner in the healthcare industry, providing reliable plumbing solutions that uphold the highest standards of infection control and patient care. Their legacy in the healthcare sector underscores their dedication to improving public health and well-being through advanced plumbing technology.

A Wide Range of Healthcare Products

American Standard provides a comprehensive range of commercial plumbing products tailored for healthcare settings, encompassing everything from hospital-grade faucets and touchless fixtures to specialized sinks and hygiene solutions.


Introducing healthcare-compliant sinks, designed to meet the stringent requirements and specific needs of medical environments.

Healthcare Sinks

Flush Valves

Discover healthcare-compliant flush valves, tailored to meet the exacting requirements and specialized needs of medical facilities.

Flush Valves